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    What is Bright Ideas in Women's Wellness?

    Bright Ideas in Women's Wellness is an online community designed to convene a broad collection of stakeholders to share ideas and collaborate on solutions for a specific issue. This community can be thought of as an engine with inputs and outputs — the inputs being challenge questions and the outputs being viable solutions:

    Insight Community as an Engine

    Core components of the Bright Ideas in Women's Wellness online community:

    A diverse range of perspectives
    Insights from many different economic sectors of the community are required for an idea to mature into a solution. To solve a community-wide problem, you need community-wide input. To be successful, Bright Ideas in Women's Wellness requires insight from people from all different economic sectors in the community.

    A space for the community to collaborate

    The Bright Ideas in Women’s Wellness community functions through this website, which is designed to facilitate community idea sharing and collaboration. 


    How does this website work?

    Complete Profile

    In the main navigation, click "My Profile" to view your profile. From there, click "edit" to change your bio, resume or to upload an avatar. 

    Refer & Connect with Peers

    Anywhere in the site, click on another user’s name to view his or her profile. While viewing a profile, click on “make a connection” to connect to that person socially. When you click "make a connection," a request will be sent to that person via email and they will be able to accept or decline the connection. Once you’re connected to another community member, your avatar will show up in his or her profile, allowing you to view his or her recent activity.

    View, Comment, and Vote on Ideas

    Click on View Ideas to view the collaboration area of the website. Using the drop-down commands on this page, you can sort and filter ideas using a variety of criteria. Click on an idea to navigate to that idea’s page, where you can read the idea's full text, connect with the idea’s author, give the idea an upvote or a downvote or post a comment.

    Share an Idea

    Click on "Share an Idea" and use the content entry page to write and format your idea, link to relevant web pages and embed videos and images to help communicate your thoughts.

    Review Ideas

    It is the role of the Bright Ideas in Women's Wellness' community experts to review ideas that have graduated from the crowdsourcing stage. To review an idea, an expert can navigate to an idea’s page and click “Review”  on the tab below the idea. He or she will then complete a simple evaluation form regarding the idea. 

    How do ideas move forward?

    When a community member shares an idea, it enters a collaboration process called the funnel. Once an idea enters the funnel, all members of the community can view the idea, post comments about it and give it an upvote or a downvote. Also, experts can complete reviews to help the idea graduate successively through the funnel.



    There are three successive funnel stages that an idea must pass through before being considered for implementation: crowdsourcing, expert review and ready-to-pilot. The site uses an automated process that graduates ideas to the next funnel stage once the required criteria for the current stage have been satisfied:

    graduation and expiration
    Crowdsourcing to expert review graduation requirements

    • 20 votes
    • approval rating of 90


    Expert review to ready-to-implement graduation requirements

    • 20 votes
    • approval rating of 90
    • at least two expert reviews with a minimum score of 3.5 (70% favorability)



    What is a challenge?

    A challenge is a question that is posed to the Bright Ideas in Women's Wellness online community to jumpstart idea sharing around a specific issue. Challenges are time-limited events that are designed to drive engagement and participation in the community to produce high-quality ideas. 

    The goal at the end of a challenge is a collection of ready-to-pilot ideas, that are thoroughly vetted by the community and ready to put into action. The current challenge question is: What can families do to support each other, manager their weight together and lead healthy lives? This challenge will be active from September 16 through October 11. The challenge will be broken into four week-long phases:

    challenge timeline 
      Week 1: September 16-20
      Week 2: September 23-27

      Week 3: September 30 - October 4
      Week 4: October 7-11 

    Keeping Up to Date

    As Bright Ideas in Women’s Wellness conducts challenges, we’ll use a weekly email newsletter to share the progress of our community collaboration. Click here to join our mailing list.

    Challenge leaderboard

    The challenge leaderboard is a collection of three dynamic lists that are located on the right side of the idea pages. The three leaderboard lists include Trending Contributors, Trending Ideas and Most Developed Ideas. Each of these lists dynamically measures and showcases specific information relating to the current challenge.

    As the community progresses through the four-week challenge cycle, high-performing ideas and individuals who make it onto the leaderboard will be recognized each week.

    Trending Contributors

    The Trending Contributor leaderboard lists individuals who have most actively contributed to the community in the preceding week. This measurement is comprised of a weighted sum of idea submissions, idea comments and votes cast.

    Trending Ideas

    The Trending Ideas leaderboard lists ideas that have attracted the most positive attention in the preceding week. This statistic is a weighted sum of comments, up votes, views and positive reviews. 

    Most Developed Ideas

    The Most Developed Ideas leaderboard lists the ideas that are the most developed and that have progressed the farthest through the idea funnel. This metric is calculated by summing the cumulative comments, upvotes, views and positive reviews for the current challenge cycle.

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